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Aarti Javeri, MD

Dr. Javeri is an Internal Medicine Specialist and a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Specialist. She graduated from Imperial College London with a distinction in clinical practice and clinical science. She also has a SCE in Endocrinology & Diabetes from the Royal College of Physicians. Her passion for Diabetes, weight management, nutrition and lifestyle fostered during her early years as a doctor in India where she realized the need for more holistic, and sustainable management plans. She has been commended as being extremely approachable, caring and empathetic towards her patients. She spends time with patients to establish the root of all concerns, to diagnose, to educate and subsequently derive management plans that are of an extremely high standard of care.

She is currently based in Dubai and is the founder of Sustain Health, a company delivering bespoke lifestyle medicine programs to individuals with chronic disease who want to ascertain root cause of disease and improve lifestyle in a sustainable and long-lasting manner. She is an active member of the lifestyle medicine community of doctors in the UAE and is constantly innovating and reinventing her practice to keep up with evidence-based medicine. She is particularly passionate about the prevention of yo-yo and fad dieting and works as a keen advocate of mindful eating to reduce the weight cycling that occurs in individuals with metabolic syndrome.