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European Lifestyle Medicine Organization

Constitution and Code of Ethics

As adopted by the Board

The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political scientific organization dedicated to advance research, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (syn.: lifestyle-related diseases or non-communicable diseases) to reduce the burden of those diseases in Europe and across the globe.

ELMO aims to maintain the appropriate ethical code of conduct of a physician and health professional, and acting with an emphasis on establishing the highest moral level in professional relationships.


Definition of Lifestyle Medicine

The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization defines Lifestyle Medicine as:

Lifestyle medicine (LM) is a branch of evidence-based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes (including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social support and environmental exposures) are used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. Lifestyle medicine interventions include health risk assessment screening, health behavior change counseling and clinical application of lifestyle modifications.

Lifestyle medicine is often prescribed in conjunction with pharmacotherapy and other forms of therapy.

Lifestyle medicine is an inter-disciplinary field of internal medicine, psychosocial and neurosciences, public and environmental health, and biology.

Key LM principles include prevention strategies that address lifestyle habits, the underlying biological causes (also more distant causes such as urban design initiatives to make cities and neighborhoods more social and conducive to healthier lifestyles), and the pathophysiology common to LRDs (e.g. low-grade systemic inflammation, dysregulated stress axis, metabolic dysfunctions etc.).

As such, LM is an adjunct form of treatment that helps to bridge the best aspects of public health and conventional clinical medicine.



The constitution of ELMO includes the following objectives:

– The establish and perpetuate an educational and scientific European society composed of qualified physicians and health professionals who work in the field of research, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.
– To maintain and advance the highest possible ideals and service standards in education, practice and research in lifestyle medicine.
– To encourage, promote and support universities and their faculties in their efforts to achieve the highest standards of teaching, research and clinical practice in lifestyle medicine.
– To stimulate education and training in lifestyle medicine and its associated academic disciplines at all levels.
– To take actions to promote the health of the individual, the community, the European Union.


Subsidiaries, National Societies and Representatives

The board of all national societies, ELMO subsidiaries and ELMO country representatives and ambassadors are obliged to work in accordance with this constitution and code of ethics. A version of this code has to be displayed on the subsidiaries website. The Society will promote the national societies on its website and at European and global level, coordinate the European groups, contacts to governments and organize the European conferences. All ELMO subsidiaries and national societies have to be led by an accredited medical doctor as the President. All ELMO national societies and subsidiaries have to be non-profit, non-political, non-religious, scientific and medical organizations.


Principles for the Ethical Conduct of Health Professionals engaged in Lifestyle Medicine

  1. Acting based on Evidence

Physicians associated with ELMO or any of its national subsidiaries will maintain an honest and forthright relationship with patients and communities, providing services, interventions and information that reflect the best available level of scientific evidence.

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality

Physicians associated with ELMO or any of its national subsidiaries will respect the privacy and dignity of individuals and maintain health information as confidential and private expect as required by law.

  1. Maintain Competency

Physicians associated with ELMO or any of its national subsidiaries will be committed to professional competence via lifelong learning and skills development, maintain such skills and competencies in the areas of their copes of practice.

  1. Non-discrimination

Physicians associated with ELMO or any of its national subsidiaries will not discriminate against individuals or groups because of race, sexual orientation, beliefs or other reasons.

  1. Acting as Role Models

Physicians associated with ELMO or any of its national subsidiaries will strive to exhibit positive health behaviors so as to be health role models for their communities, patients and colleagues.


Criteria for ELMO Country Representatives and Ambassadors

  • The Country Representative must be a Medical Doctor practicing Evidence Based Medicine, an official active member of ELMO interested for Lifestyle Medicine and must actively participate in projects of ELMO. He/she accepts/agrees with the above Rules and Ethics of ELMO
  • The Ambassador may be a health professional (Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Nurse, Environmental Scientist etc.) or any person interested in Lifestyle Medicine who applies Evidence Based Practice (for health professionals). He/she is an official active member of ELMO interested in Lifestyle Medicine and actively supports and participates in projects of ELMO working for the growth of ELMO in his/her country. He/she accepts/agrees the above Rules and Ethics of ELMO.