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Anca Mihaela Hâncu, MD, PhD

Anca Mihaela Hâncu
Dr. Anca Hâncu graduated medicine in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. A diploma in management, at Open University Milton Keyness complete the profile of a dynamic and optimsitic person. Many years in pharma industry – marketing developed her managerial skills and strategic vision. During the latest years Dr. Hâncu designed and implemented many healthy lifestyle projects in cooperation with the food industry.

Her passion for healthy lifestyle made her complete her medical studies with a masters in nutrition and PhD in nutrition at Carol Davila University, Bucharest. The masters in nutrition gave her knowledge to to provide nutritional advice and the PhD reflects her passion and ambition to study. The PhD was about body composition bioimpedance measurements and relation with obesity/ diabetes diagnosis.

She is Medical Director and Associate in a private clinic- Nutriscience in Bucharest , Romania, where she is changing lives changing peoples mentalities through lifestyle medicine techniques. With comprehensive lifestyle interventions she has spectacular results in obesity but also in medical nutrition therapy.

One year ago, Dr. Hâncu founded Medical Association for Prevention through lifestyle medicine, which serves as a tool for education for healthy nutrition, physical activity, correct sleep, alcohol in moderation or without and no smoking integrated in midfulness mentalities. With passion and enthusiasm, Dr. Hâncu was able to create a strong network of medical personalities, willing to provide their knowledge, to commit with their scientific backround and deliver important edcuational webinars on the topic of a healthy lifestyle. Around 5000 medical doctors have been registered at 6 medical meetings, with strong messages for lifestylemedicine.

Finally for the first time in Romania, 12 specialities have been coordinated to create a lifestylemedicine book. This book is about prevention and treatment through lifestylemedicine, was coordinated by Dr. Hâncu and a Romanian proffesor in pneumology and went on to become the first European manual for lifestylemedicine. The English version was completed together with ELMO and will be published on the ELMO website.