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The European Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine: Health and Fitness Lifestyle Advisor

The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO), together with the Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization (BELMO), offer an evidence-based eight weeks online program with the support of the European lifestyle medicine representatives. 

Why you should enroll in this course:

  • Ιt is the only lifestyle medicine online program which offers clinical and practical skills to understand and practice lifestyle medicine.
  • Υou will learn how to communicate with your patients based on Motivational Interviewing principles.
  • Ηealthier professional mean healthier patients, so you will be mentored during the course to improve your own healthier lifestyle.
  • Υou will be part of the biggest European lifestyle medicine practitioners network who followed the course.

The online course has already had twelve successful sessions and is developed and coordinated by the Scientific Director of the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate and the Education Coordinator of the “European Lifestyle Medicine Organization”, Dr. Ioan Hanes, Belgium

Dr. Ioan Hanes is a medical doctor who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He is a clinical practitioner in lifestyle medicine, working as a certified medical nutritionist in the Military Hospital, Brussels. He is also a clinical sexologist and medical expertise physician. He completed different lifestyle medicine related courses in the USA and Belgium. He has a strong interest in the field of sexual health and lifestyle medicine, a chapter which is developed only for the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate but he is also teaching it in English in the online MSc in Lifestyle Medicine of the University of Thessaly, Greece. Dr Hanes is one of the co-coordinators of the first European Lifestyle Medicine Book. His multicultural background is reflected by the five languages he speaks fluently: English, French, Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch. He is the founder and president of the “Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization” (BELMO).

The teaching team is recently completed with four graduates of the ELMO Certificate:
Dr. Shubhi Tamrakar, MBBS, MD in Physiology (India), holds a diploma in Clinical nutrition, specializing in childhood nutrition. With a focus on preventing childhood obesity and malnutrition, she combines medical expertise, nutritional knowledge also on gut and hormonal health, and the benefits of yoga to empower individuals on their journey to optimal well-being.

Dr. Pelagia Petraki Kavvadia (Greece) is coming from the islands of Crete and is living in Athens. Although she specialized in Medical Pathology, she is reconsidering today chronic diseases through the eyes of her passion for lifestyle medicine.
She is a mother of three and wife to a man who also embraces a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity and exercise were always essential to her, in her younger years flirting with professional sports.

Dr. Eleni Prifti, PhD, Environmental Chemist, Health Coach (The Netherlands) holds a PhD in Bioavailability and Dynamics of Heavy Metals and has a special interest in lifestyle interventions aiming to reduce toxic exposures, interest sustained by her participation in numerous European environmental research programs. She is a mother of two children, embracing the intergenerational responsibility towards them.

Dr. Kristal Lau Ying Qing LaFrance (Malaysia/Germany/France) is a physician-turned-postpartum wellness consultant, with an extensive experience in coaching. She is the author of “Postpartum 30” where she wrote about bridging traditional and cultural practices with modern postpartum care. Her personal experiences as a Malaysian expat in the West, a mother of two, and a foreign-born U.S. military spouse completes her multicultural journey.

The ELMO certificate is addressed to medical professionals and eventually to those interested in a healthy lifestyle, who would like to develop and monitor a healthy lifestyle trajectory for their patients and for themselves. Upon registration we ask that all registrants include a copy of their main professional diploma. The exam will certify that graduated students master the lifestyle medicine principles and apply them in their practice.

Course Details

         The Spring 2024 Certificate is starting on May 13th, 2024       

The weekly online course will take place from 13 May to 5 July, 2024. The course has 30 hours of online sessions split between eight weeks of weekly courses, a motivational interviewing practical session and a self-development workshop. The online course, with a choice for the weekly day (Monday or Friday) of the course established with the coordinator, from 18:00 to 21:00 (CET- Brussels Time) requires a mandatory presence of all participants for 75% of the total time. Until now, the average presence has always been more than 90%.

Course Registration Fees (course and exam fees):

Medical doctors: 590 EUR
Non Medical doctors: 540 EUR
Students: 400 EUR


You can register by sending an email to the coordinator of the course, Dr. Ioan Hanes:

The payment can be completed through bank transfer in the below details:
KBC Brussels Belgium
IBAN: BE23 7340 4774 1991

Or via Paypal, through the below link:
During the process of payment, please mention “European LM Certificate” to identify the relevant payment.

ELMO members have a 10% discount on the course fee.

Objectives of the course:
  1. Define lifestyle medicine and describe its essential components
  2. Personal commitment to improve health choices in your own life through personalized guidance
  3. Lifestyle medicine consultation in the health advisor practice
  4. Identifying how lifestyle behaviors, including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, sexual health, chemical addictions, stress and technology could contribute to overall health
  5. Describe the difference between the coach approach and the expert approach when counseling for therapeutic lifestyle changes
  6. Motivational interviewing basics and practical exercises for behavior change
  7. European lifestyle medicine initiatives in the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related chronic diseases
  8. How to communicate in a multidisciplinary and multiculturally environment
  9. Developing critical reading of lifestyle medicine literature and material
  10. To build up a network of European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate graduates in Europe and around the world

Participants will receive an invitation to join an online platform before each online meeting. To participate in the sessions, they are requested to have a laptop or desktop computer, internet connection, basic software (office tools, webs browser, media player, adobe reader) speakers or headphones.

The final exam on Sunday 21 July, 2024 will take place online and consist of two parts: MCQ and a personalized lifestyle medicine practical case. Those interested to obtain the certificate will have to participate in minimum 75% of the online training  (including the two workshops) and to fulfill all the practical assessments.

Interested parties are asked to note that there is no possibility to only audit the course. The European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate has an important practical part which is mandatory together with the 75% of the presence required in the theoretical part of the course. Refusing to submit, in time, the practical assignments during the course could lead to the exclusion from the course, without a financial reimbursement. The registration in the course means you accept these conditions.

Participants will not need further documentation other than their presence during the online sessions.

The interactive course is a practical lifestyle medicine skills developing program so places are limited.The success of the twelve previous sessions with 450 students from more than thirty countries are proof of the effectiveness of our teaching methods. All teaching materials in the course are under copyright laws and multiplication or registering them are prohibited.

Take the chance to be a graduate of the first and unique scientific European certificate in lifestyle medicine!


Guest Speakers invited in the course until now:
Dr. Stefania Ubaldi
Dr. Stefania Ubaldi


Dr. Ioannis Arkadianos
Dr. Ioannis Arkadianos


Prof. Beth Frates


Prof. Anne-Claude Juillerat Van Der Linden


Prof. Hanno Pijl

The Netherlands

Prof. Robert Kelly


Prof. Labros Sidossis


Prof. Giorgos Sakkas


Dr. Mitchell Silva


Rob D’Hondt

The Netherlands

Christel Grieten


Dr. Rabbanie Tariq Wani


Mohamad Awada

The Netherlands

Prof. Alexia Papageorgiou


Dr. Reka Vernes


Ana Jorge


Prof. Anna Lengyel


Dr. Pascal Douek


Prof. Edit Paulik


Eleni Prifti

Greece/The Nederlands

Prof. Ourania Kolokotroni


Dr. Elena Gopchuk


Prof. Jhony Alberto De La Cruz-Vargas


Cristine Dessenne


Dr. Bianca Comsa


Charalampos Petras


Dr. Inês Mendes Correia


Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica


Prof. Georgeta Vaidean