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Dr. Angela Bandte, MD

Dr. Angela Bandte is a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (PRM) who lives and practices in the very north of Germany – Schleswig-Holstein. She has experience in various fields of rehabilitation including trauma, orthopaedic, geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. A common factor in all specialities were the lifestyle factors associated with disease, outcome of rehabilitation and long-term results.

Dr. Bandte’s preferred lifestyle medicine pillars are movement, exercise and sport as well as stress management and regeneration. She is passionate about keeping things simple and attainable. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is not a life goal in itself but provides a foundation to empower people to enjoy life and stay healthy in the long run. The actual goals being quality of life, wellbeing, and longevity. Having learned in clinical practice that knowledge alone is not enough, and implementation of knowledge often is the missing link when it comes to lifestyle change, she completed the European Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine. Integrating the coach approach with her expert knowledge she is currently training to acquire a certificate in systemic psychology to further develop those skills

She views Lifestyle Medicine as an integral part of PRM, which she routinely uses as part of treatment with regards to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The multimodal and interdisciplinary approach being used in PRM and Lifestyle Medicine with the patients being seen holistically in their biopsychosocial system. Both focus on a patient centred perspective with a solutions-oriented approach for improving function and reduction of barriers.

She practices at the “Neurologikum-Itzehoe”, special areas of interest being complex situations including, but not limited to obesity and post-covid rehabilitation as well as preventative medicine for weight reduction and lifestyle change to reduce risk factors.