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Prof. Robert Kelly, MD, ΜΒΑ, FRCPI, FACC, FESC, FFSEM

Prof. Robert Kelly is a practicing cardiologist with a strong interest in lifestyle medicine and health behaviors. Through his work he has become a thought-leader, problem solver, innovator, public speaker, author and health coach.
He is a consultant in cardiology & lifestyle medicine and also works as a behaviour designer and habits coach. He is the medical director of lifestyle health & wellbeing at Beacon Hospital in Dublin Ireland as well as an associate professor of Clinical Medicine at UCD. Additionally, he is a senior lecturer of lifestyle medicine at RCSI University of Health Sciences in Dublin. He is also a founding member of the lrish Society of Lifestyle Medicine and as of now a board member of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization.
His goal is to impact the heart health and wellbeing of at least 10 million people aιround the world.