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Aikaterini Zacharopoulou

Dr. Katerina Zacharopoulou is a medical doctor who lives and works in Germany for almost 25 years. She is originally from Athens/Greece. After her specialisation in internal medicine she worked in different hospitals and departments in Germany. Currently she works as a senior consultant for internal medicine in a psychiatric and psychosomatic clinic, but also in a rehabilitation center for addiction recovery in Dusseldorf.

She is additionally an expert in palliative care medicine and acupuncture. In 2021 she got a certification as a psychology consultant and a tobacco cessation counselor. She completed different courses in health coaching, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. In 2021 she became an ELMO Country Representative for Germany.

She is interested in the promotion of Healthy Lifestyle in many ways, focusing primarily on behavior change. She has a strong interest in the field of trauma, complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) and the way they are connected with chronic somatic diseases.

Through social media and her instagram account „be_vulnerable_be_brave“ she tries to inform people about somatic and psychological conditions and sensitize about mental health.